Good write-up, Stef. You are correct, violating a civil protective order is a criminal offense. While I haven't read the document myself, I've never seen a CPO contain a clause requiring the respondent to attend anger management classes or the like. That strikes me as strange. » 2/17/15 9:30am 2/17/15 9:30am

First time I saw one on my local roads a few weeks back, I thought to myself, "There goes The Future." It seriously looks amazing, like a concept car from 2020. Knowing it's got the chops to back up the hot looks is such a bonus. » 1/03/15 12:18pm 1/03/15 12:18pm

A few months back, after a feature on the 500E was posted on this site, I saw one parked in the garage where I work. Recognizing the car, I was excited! An elderly gentleman got behind the wheel, started it up, and OH GOD THAT SOUND! I thought the building was going to collapse, and I wouldn't have minded, it was… » 12/19/14 2:24am 12/19/14 2:24am

Get a tripod, longer exposure and adjust aperture accordingly. Or play around with an off-camera flash to bring up the light levels during a very long exposure. There's a ton of possibilities with even an entry level DSLR. » 8/10/14 10:53pm 8/10/14 10:53pm

Congrats. Ignore anyone who says the fumes are bad for you. Suck it in and don't worry too much about catching a DUI; the high only lasts about a minute, so by the time you hit the road you should be good to go. » 8/10/14 3:07pm 8/10/14 3:07pm

I'd say it's likely a result of the Watts (and numerous other) riots. I heard a few stories from my grandfather on the subject, who was an officer in Northern California around that time, being called to work riot lines around the Bay Area. » 8/05/14 9:30am 8/05/14 9:30am

as I grew up, live, and work in/around that building, I've always loved it and FLW's vision for the greater fairgrounds. The library and court rooms are just exceptional. Leaky roof? Insane maintenance? Terrible functionality for government agencies trying to work inside? Who cares, it's art. » 7/02/14 11:58pm 7/02/14 11:58pm