as I grew up, live, and work in/around that building, I've always loved it and FLW's vision for the greater fairgrounds. The library and court rooms are just exceptional. Leaky roof? Insane maintenance? Terrible functionality for government agencies trying to work inside? Who cares, it's art. » 7/02/14 11:58pm 7/02/14 11:58pm

I'm curious how discretion in what is fundamentally a minor offense could be taken away from us with legislation. As it is, we currently have no discretion in domestic violence (shall arrest), missing persons, and identity theft cases (shall take report); most everything else, we can decide a course of action. » 3/09/14 4:16pm 3/09/14 4:16pm

Styling wise, I'm so conflicted. The back half looks meaty, stately, and refined. The front styling looks like a MkV Jetta pre-refresh. Painful. The interior, while a little dated, looks good when you're looking up close; the wood details, console layout, juuuust enough chrome accents. But somehow, when the… » 3/08/14 10:03pm 3/08/14 10:03pm

I'm a police officer serving a city of 60,000, a size of about 17 square miles, in suburban California. We employ about sixty sworn officers. I'm currently assigned as the School Resource Officer, the best benefit of which is the lovely brown Crown Victoria take-home car sitting in my driveway. » 2/24/14 10:32am 2/24/14 10:32am

I'm no expert, but that may have something to do with electrical irregularities. After sitting for three weeks, my Crown Vic was dead today. It's had intermittent electrical problems for as long as I've had it, nearly two years now. I went to put it on the charger but had to wade through massive corrosion first. Nasty! » 2/24/14 12:47am 2/24/14 12:47am